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@chickenbutt wrote:

Aside from the overall 'yuck!' part of it, I think the weirdest bit is that he puts the butt part of the underwear on his face.  Why not turn it around so the butt part isn't right on your face?



maybe because the butt part is soiled.  sorry if I offended anyone but that was my thought.

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@Porcelain wrote:

The Adventures of Captain Underpants

@Porcelain  I wish I knew how to post the giant animated emoji laughing hysterically on his back, while kicking his feet! Your title gets my vote, and you win the golden trophy! I can't stop giggling.🤣🤣🤣



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I liked yours too! I'm giggling more with each new one. I wonder if maybe that guy was inspired to do that, gently whispered in his ear, by maybe a fairly immature junior angel, brand new to angeling, just to lift all of our moods with our resulting jokes.

@Porcelain  It's possible.😉



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Well, he answered the question .... "Do you wear boxers or briefs?"Smiley Happy

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Uggh. He’s disgusting.....He’s probably hiding the back of those underwear because they’re filled with skid marks.

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An atomic wedgie ala George Costanza!

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He misunderstood "these are supposed to cover your cheeks"

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but face


The first thing I thought of, then I saw Retired's post. And then thought -- He must have come to the store with Bevis .... and Butthead.  

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