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Re: Can you Believe this Bride???

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I'm suspicious that this is real.  If it is, the young lady is diagnosable.  If it is a made-up story, the writer is diagnosable.

@Free2be  I wouldn't go so far as to say the writer is diagnosable.  The writer may have been satirical and culling from what he/she observes with the insanity surrounding weddings.


Like the honeymoon jar on the tables.  Smiley Tongue

It's beyond satirical.  It's creating a reality that isn't -- or probably, imo.  It's on the lines of the mistake Orson Welles made.  Most people aren't amused when led down a path of make believe when they aren't in on the fallacy.  But I agree it could have been satire if we were all in on it.


As long as brides are going to be taken down a notch, how about mothers of newborns who want an expensive gift for delivering?  Same pricipal of entitelment for somethng beautiful that has intrinsic value of it's own than anything $$$ can buy.  That Gimme Gimme seeps in this hallowed event deserves a broader awareness of this societal scar.

@Free2be  I wouldn't compare Orson Welles "War of the Worlds" radio broadcast with this story.  It's not like people are screaming and running out of their houses, getting into cars while trying to get away from little green men.


The story is just a story and really who is harmed by it?  Whether one believes it or not the bottom line is that it's just a story.  Stories enhance conversation.  This is exactly what happened.   People talk about it and then it passes on.


I agree that we as a society have gone over the top with weddings. babies, and cosmetic appeal.


And since Orson Welles broadcast that famous story way back in 1938, seems we just might have been "fooled" throughout the decades-whether in RL or by just a story.


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Re: Can you Believe this Bride???

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Fake or not fake the below is what I just read moments ago about a couple who got married a couple of weeks ago and have passed away together.  The wedding looked simple and lovely.  But most of all they appeared so happy.