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Re: Can't always understand all the virus precautions?

@suzyQ3 Of course, it's playing off the fact that we didn't know what we were doing initially.  We were blindsided by this virus. Consequently, we have had a very challenged, mercurial learning curve. When something happens every hundred years, it's somewhat expected.


In my 35 years of nursing, for a major Magnet hospital, I never once heard of an inservice, or prep for a worldwide contagion. Early on, it was internal and external disasters, sadly followed with terrorism preparedness. I did management for six years and there was never a mention of PPE stock for any type of outbreak. I think many became complacent. This became obvious, worldwide, when COVID struck.  We won't make the same mistakes. 


Humor, or comedy always has elements of truth.  It was created for those who have had shared experiences (even tough ones) to lighten up, even for a moment. This has been a shared experience for all of us. Something rare, not only for us, but for the world. It's hit us hard!


Sharing some laughter can bond us together, not negate advice, or precautions. If people don't know what they should be doing by now, they never will.  But, if some can have a few minutes to laugh, instead of being sad and angry, which I know a lot of us are also feeling, I'm on their team. 





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Re: Can't always understand all the virus precautions?

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Re: Can't always understand all the virus precautions?

Precautions are not confusing.  The problem is too many people lack common sense.

Wear a mask. Social distance. Be part of the solution - not part of the problem.
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Re: Can't always understand all the virus precautions?

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this is a very serious virus.. not saying its not.. i work in a hospital up on the floors with patients.. of course you have to use all precautions.. ppe equipement etc... but to close businesses for months to me is a little nuts... as long as businesses are using safety precautions and they arent crowded and they will have to limit the number of clients etc they have in there at a time... there is no reason not to be opening.. i posted in here the other day also.. and with opening some counties i know for a fact, i work with a few girls that traveled an hr or two to het haircuts etc.. and who is stopping that? i just find it a bit crazy to shut everything down.. unless all the workers have the virus at the business, there is no reason not to limit people and make sure you use your ppe equipment...  ok sorry.. end of rant   oh and i forgot to add... i do have a dad thats in his 80's  i totally agree with older people staying in if they have health conditions etc.. totally get that.. they are the ones also that need to be so careful, i didnt want  anyone to think i wasnt talking about the older people.. i think its great that the stores have set hrs. for them to shop... i just wanted to add that in, so i dont get blasted..