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I'm in Pa. and our Boscov's doesn't allow you to try on clothes.

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Went to Chico's this week.  Whether you use a sanitized changing room or just try ( jacket) on on the floor, they will take it off the floor for a day....

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Dos theRe: Can You Try Clothing On

Does the virus even live on surfaces such as clothing?

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I just have small privately owned stores to shop in where I live. Yes, I'm able to try on clothes everywhere I shop. I've heard that the big box clothing stores don't have their dressing rooms open. But I've never experienced that here in my neck of the woods.

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Re: Dos theRe: Can You Try Clothing On

@jordan2 wrote:

Does the virus even live on surfaces such as clothing?

Well they've shown it lives on masks and gloves...which is why you can't reuse them without disinfecting.

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Re: Dos theRe: Can You Try Clothing On

No trying on where I have shopped.

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@Kachina624 wrote:

@K9buddy   It's not the room I'd worry about.  It's the clothes that have touched someone else's body.  How do they sanitize them?

Anything you buy at any store may have been tried on by someone whether you try it on at home or in the store.  It's unavoidable unless you just don't buy anything now.

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I have not been in a clothing store since the beginning of March and have no interest in doing so.  Nowhere to wear any new clothes anyway.  I'm staying out of stores for now other than grocery stores.

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I have only been in Kohl's and they have the fitting rooms closed up. so no trying on.  I don't know what their policy is for returning clothes right now.  The virus makes it so diffiult.  I don't know what parents are doing about getting kids school clothes and shoes -- it must be really hard!!!  I haven't purchased many clothes while this has been going on but did need to buy a couple long sleeve tops.  I usually am o.k. with tops but it's bottoms and shoes that I need to try on before buying.  

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Why would it matter if you try on clothing in the store or at home?   Trying on any clothing is still a eeuuuwww for me right now.  Since I won't buy new clothing unless I can try it on first, I won't be buying anything new.  I guess.  I've thought of ordering online, but am still concerned about the virus.   


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