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I used to wait until they had this one specific coffee on sale.  I found that if I didn't run there the minute I got the flyer, they wouldn't have any!  I would ask someone and they would say, well, we had a few, but they went already.  I don't think they must get very many of certain of these items, so if you're not lucky enough to get there first, too bad!  

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I don't understand the problem.




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The CVS stores around here will give a rain check if an item in the circular is out-of-stock.  And the nice thing about CVS rain checks is that they have no expiration date.  That policy may have changed because of the pandemic shortages - I don't know, haven't asked for a rain check lately.

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Hoarders.   Media is started more talk of how things will be hard to find just like couple of months ago. They, the media, create the chaos that the rest of us has to live with.


I predict , in the future there will be no more store fronts because of the looters. Everything you want will have to be ordered online. Stores can't stay in business with people going ape, breaking in and pushing out washers and dryers, carts full of merchandise, food, etc.


I wouldn't own a store nowdays if they handed me the keys.