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@qvcfreak wrote:

I love to clean. I start washing dishes while cooking. So when I'm done using something it's washed. And I pretty much do the same for everything else. Take off shoes, clothes etc., I put it where it belongs. I dust, sweep and mop twice a week. Toilets and sinks daily with Lysol wet wipes and thorough cleaning once a week. 

Adopt me. Please.

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All, hence I pay someone to do it for me.  Problem solved, lol.

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I have had a few cleaning services over the years. I keep a very clean home on my own so the crew would come in and do heavy work or work that would get done once or twice a month or so. The first couple companies I hired I would always have to go behind afterwards and fix what they missed. The last crew was great until I discovered missing jewelry. 


I was was done after that, at least for now.


I would say my least favorite room in my master bath because it is about 225 sq.ft. And a lot to clean. But I clean every day. And my kitchen gets cleaned more than once a day so it is always clean. 


I will hire another service most likely soon. Just to help a bit. I have been cleaning for years you know...gets dull after awhile.

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LOL. I do not know how to quote you ladies that commented to I will just say..



My husband laughs that I would rather scrub toilets then cook a meal..he is very very correct. 


Good day ladies. Smiley HappyWoman LOL

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I have to clean????????????  J/K


I don't mind cleaning the inside of my house at all.  


But I would rather clean the men's bathroom in Grand Central Station than doing yard work.    

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What is this thing called cleaning...LOL    I did enough of that when we were in the big house and I had to do it.  We have cleaning lady now.  In the old days with 2 kids, a husband, a cat and a dog and 11 rooms...every room was a miserable chore.  A necessary evil.

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I hate to clean, but I hate a dirty house more.


If the house is/has been cleaned, it is a pleasure to keep it clean.


But when it gets out of control, ugh.  (You just can't let things slip.)


I had a delivery today and put protective adhesive plastic down to save my hardwoods and tile floors.  I asked the one guy if I'm the only one who's *this crazy* and he said 'nope'.  They said some people's homes are so dirty and messy it creeps them out.  And they don't even pick things up to give them a clear path.


I clean 3 homes of my own and also my parents home (seasonally).  I just couldn't let someone else do it.