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The basement.

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@SilleeMee wrote:

My garage. It's a real mess and I hate to go out there.Smiley Tongue


Ugh!  The garage! My husband and my kid can undo whatever I accomplish out there in record time. If I had my    way, I'd ban them from it totally!  Then it might stay clean!

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Any room that needs more than light cleaning! Needless to say, spring cleaning has yet to happen. LOL.

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I use to be a fanatic about cleaning.  Every week, floors washed in kitchen and bathroom, dusting, vacuuming, new bed linens.  Every 3 weeks or so clean all the glass on pictures hanging in living room and bedroom, hallways also clean all the appliances with Sprarkle.  Times have changed since I experience pain on a daily basis.  I do keep my home clean but sometimes I forget to dust or I keep the sheets on for 2 weeks.  I always have a clean bathroom and kitchen.  RIght now I need to go through so many papers and file them.  I just got finished cleaning my deck off with all the summer flowers so I have plastic bags to take out.  I still have my lantern hanging up and will probably take down in mid October.  I do want to buy some mums but I think it is too soon.  Very warm here.  Midwest.  signed, use to be work horse. lol

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@Skididdy wrote:

NONE !!!  I love to clean all rooms.  LOVE LOVE to clean.

Now cooking, that is another story, hate it with a passion.

Good post.

@Skididdy, if you happen to be near me in western NC I'd be very happy to cook for you if you'll clean for me.

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Fave room to clean is the kitchen.  I hate cleaning horizontal blinds......hate, hate, hate.

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Any room my husband has been in.Woman LOL  He's like Pigpen from Snoopy!  No joke, if I've been gone for the day and he's been in the kitchen, it looks like a nuclear bomb went off; cabinet doors open, stuff all over the counters, pots and pans in the sink and on the stove.  He does clean up his mess, but why can't he close the cabinets and put stuff away as he's working? 

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My walk in closet, I have too many clothes, everything is hung up and shoes in boxes but not enough room so it's crammed.  Woman Frustrated

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The second bedroom in my apartment isn't dirty....but has become a cluttered storage catch all, which I don't like.  I've begun tackling that.....about 3/4 of the way done.  The rest of my living space is pretty tidy and organized.  

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My closets and my office.  I have no one to blame but myself! 

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