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Re: CDC weekly surveillance report

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@Nancy Drew so your point is that no one should be tested because there are some errors? Testing allows a person who is positive to self isolate until several tests show they are no longer a danger to others. I would not want to walk around infecting others. That is why I wear a mask even though I have no symptoms.

@chessylady  Boy did your imagination run wild! That wasn't my point. My point is how many other inaccuracies are there out there? 


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Re: CDC weekly surveillance report




The coronavirus positivity rate, case count and death toll "continue to trend in a positive direction," Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan said.


Day-to-day increases in the number of confirmed cases of the virus in Maryland have declined, even as more than 200 sites statewide are testing people for the coronavirus.


The statewide positivity rate is 4.51 percent on a rolling, seven-day average, which Hogan reported Monday was also a new low.

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Re: CDC weekly surveillance report

@Nancy Drew


Great question!  Wish there were answers.....

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Re: CDC weekly surveillance report

Aside from false negatives, which is beyond anyone's control, I trust that vast majority of test results. I don't let any anecdotal references bother me or dissuade me from using the testing numbers to see what's going on.

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