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Re: CA Prop 65 and QVC not shipping items

@ROMARY 1 wrote:

Not to bring this up again, but............


There used to be (many, many years ago) a warning on dryer sheets:  Keep away from children, skin, etc.


Now, since I keep away from the laundry aisle now-a-days because of the strong scents, I don't know if that warning is still on the dryer sheet packaging.


Also, on the Today Show the last week of August, I believe on a Friday, a veterinian warned folks regarding essential oil and fragrance plug-in-types of room fragrances.  Not necessarily one particular brand.  To keep pets away from them because of the damage to their tiny lungs (cats) and also dogs.  Resulting in many seizures, severe breathing problems, allergies. 


So, of course, at the time I wondered why they didn't at least mention babies, young children because of their very tiny lungs.


Well, that's all for now.


We just need a lot of good luck now-a-days.  That's for sure.


@ROMARY 1 You are so right!  It’s been out of our hands for a while now. Luckily I have complete confidence in whose hands it’s in now. 😊 

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Re: CA Prop 65 and QVC not shipping items

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@Ketra@ROMARY 1


looked at my BOUNCE dryer sheets.

there is no such warning on the box.

it does say to avoid using them on childrens pajamas (this is for flame retardency i am sure.)

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Re: CA Prop 65 and QVC not shipping items

@hennypenny wrote:

When one buys jeans that smell of rat poison and gasoline it is unhealthy to wear or to even wash with other clothing. The micro beads that used to be in face washes were ending up in the ocean and in the food chain.

Certain companies mix medicines in cement mixers with all sorts of nasty chemicals. As one on blood pressure medicine, I am very aware of this dangerous situation.

Putting melamine plastics in pet foods is deadly..

It may seem a problem to deal with and dissapointing. I, for one, and very happy that California is pro-active in this regard.

By labeling products, It gives you the consumer the right to DECIDE, whether you want to purchase.

If a retailer doesn't want to label, as a consumer, it makes me wary.

Yes!   Have received these stinking clothing items and tried to wash away the smell.  Sent them back.