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@annabellethecat wrote:

I have Smith/Barney invest my money.  It fluctuates but the average is around 14%.  Last year my broker told me he got me around 18% at times.


I don't think many things are making much money these days.


We've always invested in the stock market, some CD's, etc.  Never do just one thing.


Once someone asked me if my husband would invest some money in the stock market for them (my husband was an investor but dealt in the stock market).  I told my husband.


He looked at me and said, "Tell them this.  'Do you have money that you can afford to lose?  If you do, invest in the stock market.  Otherwise find a safer place for it'.  I told them and they said, 'forget it'.


Again, I don't think many things are making a lot of money these days.  If you want a good return my broker said to invest in pharmaceuticals.


I can believe it.  My medicine went from (I swear to you this is the truth). It went from $13.85 months supply to $100 per month.  This is crazy!!


I think if you have money to invest you should contact a broker and get their advice.

Our IRA is doing OK by keeping the vast majority of it in bonds not stocks. The stock market is too volatile for us - we wouldn't be able to sleep at night.

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Our Credit Union pays around 1.35 APY give or take monthly on our checking account. They will only pay it on a balance up to $30,000 though.

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@kivah wrote:

I have my CD at - they have the highest rates. When u renew the CD, they give 1/4% extra. I've been with them for approx. 8 years/ Great service when calling - and they speak perfect English.

They should, the US treasury invested 17.2 billion to get them out of financial trouble.  You are paying YOU.

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@shoekitty wrote:

If the interest .rates go much lower the bank will charge us. 

The FED chairman was talking about negative interest rates last week.  They are coming.


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Check out, I have some $ vest in CDs paying over 2%.

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At times like this, many people keep their money in solid boring stocks that pay a nice dividend and have the dividends reinvested.   Better than interest rates at any bank.

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It's too obvious, but I'll mention anyway....


If one has even a HINT of credit card(s) debit,

pay those off first before investing anything.


Not paying credit card debit is, say, 10-15%* return for your $$.

And, of course, not having any debt is priceless.


*What IS the % which one pays for credit card debit these days? 

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Credit unions and banks are sure not paying much but it is safer for me. I remember when taking care of my mothers money the new banks gave me things like a microwave etc. My deceased husband had a broker and did make pretty  good. As far as credit cards I pay them off as soon as I get their bill.

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@lucieinthesky wrote:

I worked in the banking industry for 30 years and remember when CD rates were as much as 18.00%  -- those with considerable funds to invest did very well. Alas, those days are gone, never to return again.


If you are putting money in savings or CD's in today's market, it really doesn't matter from one bank to another - none are paying enough to get rich on.  It is a safe haven for your money, but certainly not going to grow.

I remember those rates well, and was one who did very well.....Today banks are just not doing anything for savers. Credit Unions are a little better, but not as good as a well diversed investment portfolio.