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So is business work attire a thing of the past? I work in a school as long as you wear clothes anything goes. I was in Macys today, I was near the workers entrance and saw one woman dressed like she was going to the gym dressed in a crop top and biker shorts, another woman wore a kind of a tank dress that was way too short! I get casual Friday but seems like it is very casual everyday. 

That is certainly not the case in the public school districts that I am quite familiar with. 

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Re: Business Work Attire

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@Jordan2 My first job out of grad school was in a middle school.  The principal told one female teacher that she was dressing too provocatively for the young adolescent students.  The next day she came to work in a negligee.  No she didn't lose her job.  This was 32 years ago.

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I work for an insurance company. Headquartered in Hartford, CT, it was rather stodgy. Anytime I went to hq, it was suit, blouse pantyhose and pumps. In the early 2000s, they allowed one Friday a month as casual dress. No jeans- tailored pants, sweaters, golf shirts if it was warm. Oh how I loved that day!  Now, it's business casual everyday and some really push it to the limit:  flip flops, concert tshirts, pants I swear are pajama pants. I might be getting old, but I don't like it.

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I haven't seen anything unusual re business attire around here.


We have several hospitals, banks, PD precinct, lots of stores, restaurants, public junor high school and Catholic elementary school.


Everyone is dressed appropriately.


I'm frequently up around Madison Ave .... still seeting men in suits and women in "normal" office attire.

This is my experience also.  Guess I'm more observant of an employee's proficiency at attending to my business than I am at their fashion choice.  

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I really don't care what one wears to work. As long as bits and pieces are covered I'm ok with it. I for one would not work for a company that required me to dress up. I like casual. I can do a good job whether I'm dressed in a dress and heels (which by the way I would not accept a job that required dressing up and yes I did turn one down that required me to dress that way)  or jeans and a tee. 

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Doesn't matter to me what anyone wears just so they are efficient and the job they were hired for gets done!

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We still dress up at my office and I'm glad.  I have invested a lot of money in my "work" clothes and I enjoy wearing them.

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What does one expect in  today's  schools,  " everything goes " except teaching reading, writing, arithmetic .

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What does one expect in  today's  schools,  " everything goes " except teaching reading, writing, arithmetic .

@skatting44    When you see a mob of people outside of a school, you can't tell the teachers from the kids.  They all look grungy.

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Our schools itinerary is online for all to see. The normal subjects are taught. Reading, writing,etc. not much looks different from when I was in school. Small town here. Sorry about small text, this is a very old IPad and. Can't change it.