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Thank you @MamaWick for continuing to show these precious photos and bringing a smile to my face.

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It's a shame that such beautiful and awe-inspiring pictures have to lead to a discussion about septic systems.




I thank you each day for these glorious photos -   regardless of what else follows.

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I think Buckley is standing sentry.  He is looking over his loved ones, including Mama Wick.

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@MamaWick    Looks like Buckley gets enough to eat.  His ribs are not showing like the females do... I worry about them and Tracy, the one that has a bad leg...


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Thank you for sharing this wonderful photos.
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I'm afraid Buckley is going to start being a naughty rambunctious boy shortly.


I hope he enjoys every moment of it.

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@stuyvesant. Yep...around the first of November and then I will stay out of their way.

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Once the rut begins, if those bucks see their reflections in the glass on your windows and back door, you may very well wind up with some broken glass.   

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@MamaWick  Thanks for the information re your septic tank system.  It truly makes your lawn a beautiful backdrop for your magnificent herd.   

The shade must provide a cool respite for them.  Be careful when opening your door, you may have some unannounced visitors looking around-the deer of course. 

Have you had any problems of misbehavior during the rut?  Hoping all stay safe. 

Woofs, of course for Princess Cricket.  

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My goodness, they seem tame. How close do they let you get to them? They are beautiful. I have an very large dog bowl that I keep cleaned out and water in for the deer. I am going to start putting the water in a big container for them like you do. DUH.