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Need some suggestions for bridal party gifts that are not real expensive . Flower  girls are 11 (twins)!into sports. This is not for me but suggestions for my son. Are gift cards ok?

thank you

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No idea can you read some of the Bridal forums outthere
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Usually it's a piece of jewelry they would wear on the day.

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I agree with jewelry. There are tons of sites on Etsy that make bridal party jewelry.  If you shop around you can probably find sterling silver necklaces with gemstones the color of the dresses more reasonable than you think. 


Guys usually do the engraved flasks with liquor, shot glasses, etc., or cuffs links, maybe sports themed as many of the groomsman are college buddies.  


You can look online at sites and companies for wedding planning and accessories and there are gifts for the wedding party to give you ideas. 

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The best advice I have ever heard about this is:  buy them each something you would buy them for a birthday gift -- not a gift associated with being in a wedding.

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we went to a wedding a week ago. the ladies in the bridal party received a wine glass that had their names and a caricature painted on it of each was such a cute idea. there were also one or two that didnt drink so she got them oversized mugs done the same way. maybe a mug or other type of glassware would be appropriate for the young girls.

they were also gifted with the costume jewelry that they wore in the wedding.....a statement necklace and earrings.

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I agree with the comments for jewelry. Try looking on Pinterest, Etsy or even The Knot for suggestions. Both my daughters did jewelry.

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When my daughter got married, we gave each bridesmaid a small clutch purse that she could use to carry tissues and lipstick, etc in and added a VISA gift card.  The gentleman received an engraved shot glass and a gift card.


The gifts were well received and the VISA card was appreciated.

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I would not give a gift card. 


For our wedding, our daughter's, our son's and any wedding I was in, a piece of jewelry was given to wear on the wedding day. 

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Considering how much money bridesmaids spend on these weddings, I think a gift card is very appropriate.