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I still prefer the tradition of jewelry for the bridal party to wear.  I know it's probably hard to find something suitable that they "all" would want to wear after the wedding but I think there are some good ideas here...pearl earrings or SS bracelet with a pearl.  The pearl bracelet with the engraved charm is a great idea for the flower girls.   When I was a bridesmaid, I received a nice rhinestone heart necklace with matching earrings.  I had them for years but never wore them again as I'm not a "heart" person.  


I LOVE the idea of autographed sports pictures for the men in the wedding party!!

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Re: Bridal party gifts

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DD getting married next month.  Bridesmaids' gifts are pearl and gemstone earrings.  They are lovely.  happy

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Why is the groom choosing the flower girls' gifts instead of the bride ? Just wondering ?

I'd suggest pearl jewelry...earrings, bracelet, ankle bracelet or choker.
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@abbeythe 8th wrote:

I would not give a gift card. 


For our wedding, our daughter's, our son's and any wedding I was in, a piece of jewelry was given to wear on the wedding day. 


I agree.  A gift card is too impersonal.  I think it's nice to have a memento of the day.


I gave my bridesmaids lockets that went perfectly with their dresses.  They were each engraved with their first initial, and they all loved them and wore them often later on.


 And I've received lovely things when I was a bridesmaid - a pretty vase, a simple gold bracelet, things like that.  I treasure them because they commemorate friendships and sharing milestone events  I love gift cards generally, but not as a bridesmaid gift.  I'm much more sentimental than that.

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@brii wrote:

Considering how much money bridesmaids spend on these weddings, I think a gift card is very appropriate.



IMO that's so completely not what a bridesmaid gift should be about.  No good friend (or family member) should be looking for any kind of return on an investment.   A bridesmaid gift is intended to be a thank-you, and should be something thoughtful.  And within the bride's budget, of course.  But most of all, thoughtful.


I was honored to be a bridesmaid for my friends, and I never thought for one minute that any of the brides owed me anything.