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Folks now-a-days sure have a lot of extra money to throw around...............Interesting.

I do not think it is the case of having a lot of extra money to throw around.  It is a way of saying thank you to guests who are traveling a distance and may be staying in a strange (to them) city with nothing to do. 

When people travel to strange cities with nothing to do but go to a wedding, they have extra money and time to throw around at least for me that would be the case.  That's a LOT of cash to lay out to go to someone's wedding.  Even if it is just across the state.

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Why would this be a "southern" thing ?

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When my brother married his wife, in Kentucky, back in 1975, she had a Bridal Lunceon that was completely lovely. The whole wedding experience down there was steeped in graceful traditions. I have never forgotten how nice it all was. I was only 15-yrs old and it was my first time as a bridesmaid.
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Where is it written that you have to go to every event you get an invitation for?

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