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Brand categories are back!!

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Just added, "My Favorite Brand"  has the sub-categories we are used to using.


So far the folders I checked are empty.  However, it's a welcome modification.

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Re: Brand categories are back!!

That's great.    Another nice tweak to make things better.



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Re: Brand categories are back!!

Can I stick this on your thread!    Smiley Happy


I notice the board bounce is alot better too, good job techies!!

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Re: Brand categories are back!!

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For anyone interested, here's their announcment thread in the "Suggestion Box" forum:


"Brand Subcategories Have a New Home!"






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Brand Subcategories Have a New Home!

Hi Everyone,


Thank you for sharing your desire to continue to have brand subcategories. We are happy these subcategories are useful and have added them to the left navigation.


Under the folder titled MY FAVORITE BRAND we have added the most popular brands from the previous forums. 


Once you click on a brand category you will see the NEW MESSAGE button which will allow you to start the conversation.


We are continuing to address all of your comments. Thank you for your continued interest in the QVC forums & blogs.


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