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Re: Boyfriend of Missing, Pregnant Maryland Teacher Charged with Her Murder

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Not sure if you were aware, but the police knew of his guilt, before the press conference, as did the parents.  The police wanted to find out what he might say.  The parents agreed to cooperate.  It must have been dreadfully difficult for them to stand beside him knowing that he killed their daughter.  There are no words to describe him.  Evil is the main one that comes to my mind.

In the photo above, the mother looks like she totally can't stand the ex and hopes he gets the death penalty, while the father deserves an Oscar nomination.   

@Pearlee@Krimpette  -  I don't know how they made it through the press conference without ripping him apart.  How did her mother not break every bone in his hand she's holding?

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Re: Boyfriend of Missing, Pregnant Maryland Teacher Charged with Her Murder

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Oftentimes women with a kind and sympathetic nature attract abusers because such women are thoughtful and, for the most part, not quick to anger.  They practice kindness and concern as a way of life.  So, these abusive types of guys get some traction with them and establish a relationship.


Something tells me this guy is a LOSER in many ways (I know, not a huge insight), and with his feelings of inadequacy, "used" women to make his fragile ego feel better.  I do not think he is a Manson type, but I believe he has no moral compass -- just a needle that points to "me, me, me."


Am I making any sense here?  What women with a sympathetic nature must do is try to protect themselves from such types and get out at the first sign of mistreatment.  Easier said than done, I know.


I am so sorry for the loss felt by her family, friends and those who knew her through her teaching community.  I can only imagine the grief felt by those who were assigned to her this school year.  



Your first paragraph 

i was reading a post on make up alley today ---mother posted about her daughter who is in a bad relationship, this reminds me of same exactly 



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Re: Boyfriend of Missing, Pregnant Maryland Teacher Charged with Her Murder

@IlliniGirl88  The parents wanted to do everything they could to catch and convict their pregnant daughter's murderer.  That meant putting their emotions on hold during the press conference and play-acting.   They mustered up the will to do it with the end goal in mind.  They kept their eye on the ball so to speak. They were being future-oriented, doing everything they could to help the police.  They were very strong in so doing.

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Re: Boyfriend of Missing, Pregnant Maryland Teacher Charged with Her Murder

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Paying child support for 18 years --- is a lot easier than sitting in a tiny prison cell for the rest of ur life. The other option, being on Death Row!!!!! Ask Scott Peterson how comfortable he is on Death Row. Heard the food is also BAD!!!!!

How could a normal person kill another - especially someone he/she knows????



@kivahI doubt anyone ever committed a crime thinking they would get caught.


And this guy had another girlfriend.  Maybe he saw it as kill or be killed.



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Re: Boyfriend of Missing, Pregnant Maryland Teacher Charged with Her Murder

Most ex-husbands and husbands get CAUGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's so obvious - especially with all the tracking/phone devices and DNA evidence - that the police have. 

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Re: Boyfriend of Missing, Pregnant Maryland Teacher Charged with Her Murder

I'm late to this story. I admire the parents so much. You know they wanted to rip his head off but were brave and tricked him into thinking they were on his side. They did the impossible because their love for her was so strong. 

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Re: Boyfriend of Missing, Pregnant Maryland Teacher Charged with Her Murder

@SahmIam wrote:

@YorkieonmyPillow  Yes, Krimpette is serious. The woman did that in order to catch the scum who killed her child and her grandchild-to-be. It takes a VERY strong and courageous person (mother or father) to do that. I salute and applaud her bravery. Her actions assisted in bringing the murderer to capture. In the end, I think any parent, giving the chance, would do whatever possible to see that happen.


Of course, given the opportunity to take a baseball bat and have 5 minutes alone with him may also be an option she would love to have had (I know I would jump on it if my child was harmed).


  I didn't say I didn't understand why she did it.

  I realize it was a means to an end but to me, it is unnatural.


  So he will go to prison.

  Big deal.

  3 hots, a cot, free medical for the rest of his worthless life.

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Re: Boyfriend of Missing, Pregnant Maryland Teacher Charged with Her Murder

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[This article posted on a WTOP site focuses on a touching student tribute and highlights the kind nature of Laura Wallen.  May she rest in peace.]




Father of slain Montgomery Co. teacher says student tribute comforted family

ROCKVILLE, Md. —  After watching his daughter’s accused killer ordered held without bond, Mark Wallen and his wife walked out of the district courthouse in Montgomery County and were met by a group of reporters.


Before addressing the anguish of losing 31-year-old Laura Wallen, whose body was discovered in a shallow grave on Wednesday, Wallen said he wanted to mention “the beauty and kindness of humanity and all the wonderful people who have lifted us up.”


Wallen thanked the Montgomery County Police, his faith community and businesses who contributed to a reward for information in Laura Wallen’s case.

And then he thanked a former student of Wallen’s, Lindsay Murray. Murray, now a freshman at Towson University, made a YouTube tribute video to Laura Wallen, a teacher loved by students for her warmth and humor.

Mark Wallen called the video “the sweetest tribute to my daughter that any parent could hope for.”

The video, entitled “My Teacher Is Missing” was made in an attempt to help bring Laura Wallen home at a time when she was reported missing. The video was posted on Monday, Sept. 11. Wallen’s body was discovered Sept. 13.


In the video, a tearful Murray, seated in her dorm room at Towson, looks into the camera and says: “Something has really close to me has happened to me, and as you can see,” her voice breaking, “I really can’t talk about it. So I figured I would show you guys in the one way I know how.”


The video then includes headlines from local news stations explaining that Laura Wallen, a Wilde Lake High School teacher, had gone missing.

In the video, former and current students at Wilde Lake share memories of Wallen, whose impact is obvious as teenagers tell of how she noticed their moods, met their needs and inspired them to look to their futures.

Murray, sometimes smiling through tears, sometimes breaking down into sobs, says “I instantly fell in love with her bubbly personality, her welcoming smile. She’s the kind of teacher that really genuinely cares about her students, and we all care about her.”


The video cuts to a number of students, one by one explaining the impact Wallen has had on their lives.


One current student, Dashae Coley-Epps, explains she never had Ms. Wallen as a teacher, but found Wallen to be someone she could talk to. “You always knew when I was upset about something.”

Coley-Epps said that Wallen would ask her how she was doing — how she was really doing, instinctively knowing when to give a hug. Coley-Epps, stopping to wipe tears from behind her glasses, adds, “You’d always pull me into a really tight hug — which I could use right now.” The teenager continues, her eyes brimming with tears: “You really do make a difference in people’s lives.”

Natalie Varela, like Murray now in college and taping her tribute from her dorm room, said that Ms. Wallen was an inspiration to her, pushing her academically.

“Hands down, I can say I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for her love and support during those years,” she says in the video.

Lauryn Bowes, now studying at Julliard, said Wallen was like a second mother to her students. While the tribute video was made while Wallen was missing and presumed still alive, Bowes’ statements are especially wrenching.” The community’s been rocked, because she’s so important and special and not like any person I’ve ever met before. When you lose somebody, you can’t seem to feel comfort from anyone unless it’s that person that’s gone. And that’s something I’ve been feeling.”

At the end of the video, Murray recalls: “We called her Ballin’Wallen because she was so cool and funny. We’re gonna find her and we’re gonna bring her home.”

Contacted Friday, after police released more details in the case, Murray described the loss of Wallen in an email to WTOP: “It has been very brutal and I have been a wreck.” But Murray added, “I love and miss her so much it hurts, however I know she will be looking down and watching over all of us now. I love you Ms. Wallen, forever and always!”