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@tototwo wrote:

One thing I've actually enjoyed about this whole pandemic thing is newscasters, celebrities, and others being interviewed from their homes.  It's been fun to see inside their homes and sometimes I'm more interested in what's behind them than what they are saying.


What I've noticed is that a large percentage of interviewees have a bookcase behind them filled with books.  Usually a white, full wall bookcase.  Are all these people being interviewed at the same location?  With the same white bookcase?  Do the interviewees actually read all those books?  Do they think it makes them look smart to be seen with large bookcases in their background?


You are spot on!  Just yesterday I was watching a news program about this very subject.  They commented that it's as if it's all staged and that there are actually people you can hire to set up a library behind you.  They suggested that the reason is that it would make the person look more intelligent.  They even zoomed in on some of the book titles and it was almost funny to see some of the titles that were on the shelves. 

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What a coincidence that I'm reading this today.  Just yesterday I saw an ad for a company that will design a custom background you can use for your Zoom (or whatever) calls.  You can pick the books you want on your bookcase, among other customizations.  


I agree that I am always more interested in looking around someone's home in the background that what the person is actually saying!

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@tototwo   You must have seen the segment on Zoom backgrounds.


You can puchase these on Amazon.


I'm sure some are real bookcases and I'm sure some are not.



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Smoke and mirrors, they can be interviewed anywhere and "sets" can be put behind them.  They dont even have to be in the same part of the world.


I would take such home backgrounds with a huge grain of salt.

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Several of the people I've seen on the news/political shows have certain books prominently displayed.  I always look at the titles and sometimes look up the book.  A few I already own.

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@BlueFinch wrote:

Avid readers of a certain age -- you know, before everything went electronic, have extensive book collections.  I'm one of those, too.


However, I've been downsizing my collection.  I'm keeping two large cases of special books including some signed works (a favorite, Fevre Dream, signed by George R.R. Martin), but I now have some moving boxes full in my garage ready for donation this coming year.


I decided that if I become ill, or worse, I don't want others to have to deal with moving books. It's a lot of work. So, I'm into my Kindle for future reads now, but nothing will ever replace the feeling of the physical book in my hand, or the desire to collect them.




Some feel just like old friends, don't they?  My kids have promised to lovingly donate mine when the time comes, but I won't hold them to that.


I tried to instill the appreciation of books -- good writing, when my sons were knee high to a duck.   I remember taking them to the Stuart Brent Bookstore for their "book of the month," club when the owner would select for them, based on their age.


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I just assumed they had their computers in their office/library area - and seeing bookcases was natural.  


Anyway - that's my setup.  I'm surrounded by bookcases .... and I'm in the process of addng more shelves since I've run out of space for me bookcases.  


When I'm on Zoom .... you see my books and pictures in the background.


 In the Zoom meetings and webinars I participate - you see all sorts of backgrounds. 

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@tototwo wrote:

Good info, @FrostyBabe1 -- I've never "zoomed" so didn't know you could choose a background.  Interesting.

Nor have I, but if I did, I would place myself in front of the fireplace.

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@Imaoldhippie Agree with smoke & mirrors.........many of the back drops are phony and some are real.  .  Like weather forecast- people stand in front of a green or blue screen that is blank.


Tra-La..........USA map is what we see. 

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We can't move in our house for fear of crashing into a bookcase.

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