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I think they're set up in their den or office and have bookcases in there.  They often have pictures of their family on the shelves.  I think they're definitely in their homes.  


I see the same people interviewed in the same setting over and over.

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@reiki604 wrote:

On twitter there is an account called roomrater that rates the rooms of the pundits on TV. Books were rated good but points were taken off if not arranged in an eye pleasing manner. Lamps should be turned on. The pineapple (in summer) was given extra credit leading to a ridiculous amount of pineapples on different counters to garner more points. Ratings were done on a 1-10 scale. It was fun to watch and see the pundit try to improve their ratings using the criticism and suggestions of roomrater. A glimmer of  fun in an otherwise discouraging and difficult time.


The comedian Leslie Jones has been rating tv pundits' rooms on Twitter as well. She's hilarious and profane as all get out. "Michael! Why're you in front of a wall, Michael in your hallway? I swear to God if somebody walks across you trying to get to the bathroom MICHAEL!!" 

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Thank you 5925. Simply a lovely look! Great job!