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Re: Bon Ton closing sale......what a joke!!!

@Sue98 wrote:

I live in a very rural area.  Bon Ton has been the anchor store in the only mall within 2 hours from me.  I was so very disappointed to hear of their closing, and I am even more disappointed with their "store closing sale"!  


I don't shop online, but I am being forced into it.  So very sad!!!

@Sue98  Thanks for posting this. I was going to check out their closing sale, but after your post and reading everyone's replies, it saves me a trip.

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Re: Bon Ton closing sale......what a joke!!!

As I posted on the first day of the liquidation sale, nothing has changed from the content of all the posts here.


A sure sign that a store is struggling: constant bombardment with emails loaded with high discounts as well as instituting special rewards programs.  


BonTon was the leader with the bombardment effort.  Macy’s with Multi ( ? ) and now Backstage.


Now so many malls are closing and have been bought cheaply by investment firms that just let them sit and fall into disrepair.  What’s next: tear down and develop the land for high-priced development homes and offices ?



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