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Yes, I well remember bobbing for apples!  Can't say I enjoyed it very much, and what a mess it made - though it was only water!.  Luckily for today's children, the game is now beyond the pale.

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@Carmie wrote:

I always passed on bobbing  for apples.  I never wanted to get my hair wet.  I always had straight hair and had to sleep with brush hair rollers with picks every night, and I mean every night.


My mother was not fond of straight hair and out of five children, I was the only one in my family who had it.



And at the opposite end of the spectrum, my mother used to complain loud and often about my "string straight" hair. I got pretty tired of being bitched out about something I couldn't control. Oddly enough now that I'm older, it's getting wavy. Go figure! Woman LOL

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How did we ever survive? I bobbed for apples in a common tin tub, ran around the town on Halloween without parents, swam in the creek and so many other things that are unfathomable today.  But I had fun

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Mspat. Rode without seat belts in cars and bike helmets on bikes, exposed to parents' secondhand smoke, walked to school by myself (far!), etc. Yes how did we survive?
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 Always the best part of Halloween was

bobbing for apples. Lots of fun for sure.

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@Pearlee wrote:
Mspat. Rode without seat belts in cars and bike helmets on bikes, exposed to parents' secondhand smoke, walked to school by myself (far!), etc. Yes how did we survive?

@Pearlee  I walked or took my bike over two miles to school and am still alive so I do agree with that. I disagree about the rest as I have known people killed in car accidents in my day. They would probably have survived with seat belts. And don't get me started on secondhand smoke. I could tell you about the little boy who drowned off the family dock next door to my family. In those days they could go fishing there with no supervision. After all nothing could happen. Well the little boy fell in and drowned.Parents didn't believe they had to sit with them while the fished. Just what I have seen in my life.

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Yes, I certainly do remember bobbing for apples -- and I could never bite into one to win in the time allowed!  There were lots of Halloween parties and pumpkin carving parties every year when I was a kid.  We had one at our house, in our basement, in the dark with no lights except candles when I was in 5th grade.  It's a wonder we didn't start a fire!

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@Mary Bailey  I enjoy  the tarot cards. Some decks are exquisite.  I especially like rune stones,  For myself. I'd never read for anyone else as It's all subjective.  I'd look up the meanings and glean from that Just what I would take away from the symbols shown.  Sort of a self psycho analysis.  Ain't nobody else can tell me what I'm supposed to think or do.  Take it all with a grain of salt.  I Love Salt.

As for Ouija boards, well.. my Grammy would read the tea leaves and playing cards if you asked her.  She was known to " See around a few corners" in her day.  She had strong feelings against using it.  Because of that,  I will not have one in my house. 

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@candys mine   We had some very scary things happen with the Ouija board.  I won't deal with it since way back then.


I haven't had Tarot cards read for me for decades. 


My MIL & her Mother read Tarot cards and  tea leaves, also very intuitive.  DH very much dislikes all of those things.



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@Mary Bailey  and. @candys mine - I remember hearing a rumor going around in college that if you threw a Ouija board in the fire it would scream. Did either of you ever hear that? That scared me. I remember being at a party once in a dorm where they had one. I didn't want to participate. 😨