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Re: Blue Angels/Thunderbirds flyover this weekend!

I wasn't positive my condo would be on their Chicago route, but it looked promising.  They came SO FAST, that I didn't even have time to think and just hit Video on my cell phone.  Not a great still shot, but at least I saw them!



This was taken from one of the cockpits.




I really wish I could post some of the amazing photos from my Instagram feed, but they are copyrighted.  We usually have an air and water show and I used to be able to watch them practice from the window at work.  They are so fun to watch!  



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Re: Blue Angels/Thunderbirds flyover this weekend!

Hubs and I were out on the bridge awaiting their flyover.I was watching the local news to track their route so I would know when they were near.The reporter said they were flying 10 miles from our house.In the next instant,there they were flying by with me fumbling with my phone. Photo op gone. He did say they were flying 700 mph. The least they could have done was slow down to 500mph so I could get a picture or video.Robot tongue