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I haven't done any Black Friday shopping.  The gifts I have gotten my daughter were purchased months ago.  She likes LEGOS, the really difficult ones with thousands of pieces.  She's really good at it.  My husband also collects LEGO, the Harry Potter ones.  Got them when they came out..had to...they sell out so quickly.  More so this year due to the pandemic.  So far, nothing has been catching my eye.  Nothing I really need or want from Black Friday sales.

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I am not over thinking it this year either.  Did all my ordering online or small local shops.  Not going into any large B & M stores; too much covid in my area.

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@CalmInTheHeart   Agree with you; no large store shopping for me either; not worth it.

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Re: Black Friday shopping

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I'll give 4 gift cards and &&&& for only son and (future) DIL.


There will be no large store shopping for us..  Only thing we have planned (if not cancelled) is to ride Polar Express on the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad in Bryson City, NC.... Lots of attention being paid to NC guidelines so we'll be okey-dokey with no one around our table.  

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No complaining here, @CrazyDaisy: I'm very happy making online purchases. I don't recall ever getting involved with going out on Black Friday.


I will be adding to my already too big collection of perfume oils. One site that I love is having a very rare sale.

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Are lots of folks actually going inside B&M stores?  


Wouldn't a store be overly crowded, and/or are they monitoring, keeping sufficient distance between shoppers?


Just asking, as I haven't kept up with in person shopping news.



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I had a pickup order at Lowes this morn.2 faucets & a new showerhead.Looked very busy.Shopping Center looked very busy .


About 6 this morn,yellow lights flashing in the window. Look out & guy gets out of car with package.It was my winter quilt from BelK on sale.



Ordered Roku $17 on Wal-Mart Black Friday sale.Several other items were not available. Nothing I had to have.


Enjoy your finds.

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This is such a weird & horrible year we will do $$$$$$$$ for everyone.  I think they will love it!

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I went to Lowes and bought a few of the 88 cents pointsettias.


At Home Depot I tagged along with my husband and found my yearly

3 pack set of soap for $9.88. Nicer bottles this year.




Then to Boscovs, took my daughter in for the $9.99 GoldToe rainboots and

she ended up finding another brand, Capelli, with a higher price of $24.99. 

So ended up spending more, but they are really nice rainboots.




Happy with the few things I got!


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@CrazyDaisy wrote:

Perhaps we could keep this on topic and not a complaint fest.


I got a couple Ryobi batteries at Home Depot, usually a good price this time of year.  Added their flashlight this time.  It is really bright and comes in handy when walking the dogs.

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