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@ROMARY wrote:

Are lots of folks actually going inside B&M stores?  


Wouldn't a store be overly crowded, and/or are they monitoring, keeping sufficient distance between shoppers?


Just asking, as I haven't kept up with in person shopping news.



It depends on the store. Some are being very responsible and not allowing crowding. I feel for anyone who has to work at a store that doesn't take precautions.

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I bought a couple items from Josie Maran’s website (most things are 25% off). One for me and one for a gift. 

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@ROMARY - I had a curbside order to pick up at Kohl's. I went around 12:30. I couldn't believe it! People were driving around trying to find a parking space. I pulled into a "curbside pickup spot" right by the door. While I was waiting I watched. People were streaming in, just wearing masks, but definitely not social distancing. It looked like it did last year around this time (I'm usually never home on Black Friday. We are in a rural area away from stores, except Walmart). 

There is no way I could go anywhere near there. The virus is increasing in our area; we have to be careful.  Smiley Frustrated

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Re: Black Friday shopping

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I have purchased everything on-line for Black Friday: pajamas for my daughter from Macy's, a pair of shorts for my son, a grill pan with 2 ornaments from Crate and Barrel (one to keep, one to give as part of an exchange), and a weighted blanket for my husband at Amazon. I rarely shop at Amazon but this was the best quality blanket for the price that I could find.  I bought some stuff from QVC in the last week as well - the Slatkin candle TSV, 2 Berkshire blankets, etc. I wanted to go to the mall today but my son (he's 17) was like "why would you do that?  you're going to get COVID" so that turned me off to it. 

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I ordered some spices and vanilla from The Spice House (fpr me) and a couple of candles from Goose Creek (for me). That's about it since I've already taken care of hubby's gifts (online) earlier.  Lands End has a nice sale tonight on fleece half-zips $12, but I didn't see any free shipping. I've received tons of Black Friday emails today from different places, but so far I've resisted most everything.

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@CAcableGirl wrote:

I scored some Berkshire blankets (any size including King!), for $14.99 at Macy's online.  Plus free shipping @ $25. 


Those were sold out, and then back in stock, but now sold out again, but they still have some Berkshire ones with sherpa for just $24.99 for Queen size. Comes in grey or red.



@CAcableGirl Nice find!!  I got a Berkshire Blanket from Macy's, too for $14.99. (We might have gotten the same one!).

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I ordered some Peanuts (yes, peanuts) from Belmont Peanuts.  It is small business based in Virginia.  If you are a peanut lover, you have got to try these peanuts. They tastes ten times better than the grocery store peanuts.  They have a black friday sale now.  I highly recommend it.


Also, I ordered some jogger pants and sweatshirt from Old Navy for my teen daughter.  


Lastly, some beddings and a compfy wrap from Macy's.

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Re: Black Friday shopping

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I quit Black Friday Shopping a few years ago...but interesting story from our local news channel here in Texas.  Unlike a lot of cities....mall shopping and shopping at the large shopping centers are still very popular here....  Mall shoppers were interviewed here's the main consensus----



As expected there weren't the crowds that had been the norm in the past.  Many shoppers loved that!!!


Black Friday crowds thinned by early holiday deals, online shopping -


One shopper nailed it---said she prefers and always  shops on-line, however, being concerned about delays in deliveries and whether items would get delivered in time for Christmas she made the decision to shop locally this year......


All the stores require masks and stores are limiting the number of shoppers at a time.....


Santa Claus is still available to hear the wish list of kid's and to take photos, but pre-registration is required at one mall....And Santa wears a mask and children must also wear masks...




From the panoramic view of shopping bags it seems the LEGO STORE was the most popular....


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