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@sissel wrote:

@desertDi  Oh I know will be sleeping with my knee high socks on tonight LOL that electric pump tries but not happening tonight. It's the 2 cats in bed with us tonight too. I really need to get someone out to spray insulation up in the crawl space attic. My house is 25yrs think it is time. 

@sissel   My house is 28 yrs old.........and it's at the point where "things" are the windows (!).........and the wind is howling now.   (I've never even looked in the attic.....afraid I won't get back down....)    di

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@desertDi  LOL my DH let's say a little overweight he couldn't get up if he tried, I got to get some skinny person to go up & tell me more installation I already know the answer I need to get this done before the heat afraid of how much this will cost. When I first got the house need cable tv he came out to redo wires it was 1pm said oh union rules can't do it now got to come out early in the day because of the heat. What? well he came back early got it all hooked up but certain times in the day they won't go up there. Wonder what is up there. I know I am going up there. LOL 

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I  got 10 inches today. I'm sure glad I still have my white winter tree up.