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Betty White Nailed It!

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A scene from "Hot in Cleveland" showed the other ladies asking why older women like to wear velour sweatsuits. Betty White's answer was that in your twenties you dress to be attractive, in your forties you dress for success, and in your eighties you dress for the bathroom.


She nailed it! I used to care how I looked. Now I just care how I feel. I can still pull together a polished look, but there has to be a really good reason.

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God bless the person who invented the elastic waistband.  I'm certain it was a woman!

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Lol, that's right!  I've paid my dues. I remember all the times of having to lie on the bed, while holding my breath, to zip up my jeans. But, hey, they looked good. I just never want to repeat such nonsense. 


Sometimes I think I've gone too far to the other side, with slouchy casual, but I can clean up nice if I need to. It better be something good though. 

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I dress for comfort and to feel good in what I wear.  I don't follow trends, never did, I dress for me.


With that being said I enjoy fashion and appreciate designers.  My great nieces have their own personal styles, different from each other and defining of who they are. Fashion should be fun and tasteful  and when you are older comfort is priority!  Just my thoughts.

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Amen! With my overactive bladder it would be absolute torture to find myself in those overalls I so loved to sport back in the day.😲 

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I am just glad that I no longer have to wear panty hose!  Those were the worst and I am glad women trended away from them.

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I watched most of the Hot in Cleveland episodes but I might have missed that one show.  I have not worn pantyhose in years.  I also haven't worn pants in years.  I now purchase flowy dresses that reach below the knee which makes it easier to go to the bathroom.

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@lgfan  It is one of the earlier episodes.  I think it is in season 1.  DH and I have been re-watching Hot in Cleveland since Betty left us.  It was funny then and even funnier now.

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Betty had some great boyfriends in Hot in Cleveland, Bob Newhart, Carl Reiner and John Mahoney, etc. 

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@Puppy Lips wrote:

I am just glad that I no longer have to wear panty hose!  Those were the worst and I am glad women trended away from them.


It's been so many years for me I can barely remember it.   When your day is starting out bad - you are putting on your nylons and get a snag/run.  *sigh*  Haul your butt down to the 7-11 to get one of those egg things and put them on in the car before you drive to work.  Smiley Very Happy