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Best Food for Dogs with Skin Allergies?

Hi Everyone,

My boy has some skin issues. The vet has not yet gotten to the root of the problem, although he feels it is an environmental allergy. Lots of itching, some hair loss, etc. We are going to do full allergy testing before the next flare up. And although my vet has not said that food would play a part in this, I would like to try changing his diet/dry food and see if this helps at all. He currently eats dry food in the morning and evening. I monitor the amount closely and he gets about 1.5 cups at each meal. I feed him the 365 Brand of Lean Dry Dog Food from Whole Foods. Unfortunately, I just recently realized that "chicken meal", not "chicken" is in the list of ingredients. So it is not as "whole" as I thought it was!

I would love to get some recommendations on foods that could potentially help a dog with skin allergies.

Thanks in advance!

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