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Re: Best Dishwasher

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We recently had to replace our very old Kitchen Aid dishwasher. I wanted to get another Kitchen Aid, but couldn't find one here  (estimated deliveries were in May or June - or the models were backordered).


Right now, it's more a matter of what's available than what you want to buy.


We ended up buying Whirlpool Model WDF590SAJW. A local appliance store had one left in their warehouse. 


It has a stainless steel tub (important to me), 3 racks, and it's very quiet.  


Whirlpool and Kitchen Aid have common ownership, so I hope this one works as well and as long as our last one. So far, we're very happy with it.


Good luck with your shopping! I hope you find one you like. 

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I was in the same situation as you---the dishwasher quit and I'm not sure how long I will be in my house (due to health problems).  I bought the cheapest Whirlpool I could find.  However, I wish I would have looked at the racks better.  I can't get as many dishes in this as in the old Maytag (the dishwasher that was here when I bought the house) because there aren't "levels" within the racks.  They are just straight no nonesense racks.  I did have a Bosch in the farmhouse I used to live in and if I was younger and going to stay in this house for several years, I would have bought another Bosch.  They are designed by engineers in Germany but are made in the United States now.

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BOSCH  is my # 1 choice. My Bosch (10 years-old) just went to my son in his townhouse.  There is a reason.  We are doing a kitchen remodel.  We bought appliances from a LOCAL dealer that we have a good relationship with.  The package we got was Whilpool appliances.  This is one doubt I have about my kitchen project.  I loved the Bosch diswaher.  I hope the Whirlpool does well for us. 

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We have an older, but top of the line Whirpool.  From here on out, I will only get silverware in the door.  Massive difference!

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I got a new KA "top of the line" about a year ago.  I like it, and it works well.  However, most of the special features I will never use.  Actually, I just use the same feature all the time, just a regular wash,hot dry.  


Unless there is a "top of the line" feature you will really love, I would suggest getting a step down or even 2 steps down. Especially since you'll be moving in a couple years.  

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If you only use it occasionally, I'd get t h e most simple and inexpensive model I could find.  I've had Kitchen Aids and Maytags and neither was anything exceptional.  I only use mine now and then and just need something that will wash and dry, no fancy cycles.  If the next owner of your home wants fancy, they can purchase it.  I never heard of anyone buying a house based on the quality of t h e dishwasher.

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@suzyQ3 wrote:

We have not had to clean our Bosch filter since we've had it (we do lightly rinse our dishes).  And I don't recall any setting up involved at all.

@suzyQ3 - Ditto!  My Bosch dishwasher is over 10 years old and I've never had to clean the filter.  In fact, I just had a look at it last week because of that, thinking it must need cleaning.  Nope!  (My previous Maytag was a piece of junk that died early on.)


I don't find my Bosch difficult to use (or "set up") either.  In fact, it's running right now!  Load the dishwasher, select the cycle I want and press the button.  Everything comes out spotless.


Love my Bosch dishwasher and my Bosch washing machine.

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Bosch.  Whisper quiet, stainless steel interior, energy efficient, 15 years old and going strong.

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Re: Best Dishwasher

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Bosch, hands down. And, I will add so quiet.


Many years ago, I remember my neighbor having issues with her dishwasher. She ran it for holiday dinners and maybe a couple times a month. When the repairman came, he told her it had to be run more often.