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For those with a sense of humor.




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@Foxxee    Love it!  Wonder how many passersby will come to a screeching stop and rush over to help? 

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so funny!  needed a laugh after an afternoon in the kitchen!

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Re: Best Decorating Ever.

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My neighbor has something like that on his house, too! Only the guy is dressed up like Santa...LOL! I like that one better, especially that ladder...makes it look real.

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Love it! ❤️


(Clever👍- very imaginative!)

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“If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane.”- Jimmy Buffet
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Needed a good laugh! Thanks for posting,

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Looks so real

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Hubbs was just clesning out the chimney. I really worry that this may happen.

We both enjoyed seeing this.

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That is pretty funny now that we know its not real!

I bet I would stop if I saw it and take a closer look to make sure!

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