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Re: Best College Graduation Present Ever

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@occasionalrain wrote:

@cherry  You're seeing what you want to see. I have no issue with what Robert Smith did with his money. My issue is with the unkind resposes toward a poster who saw the possible negative aspect of it. I dislike Meghan and I dislike Bill Gates, both because of their their choices. 


It's easy and unfair to dismiss another's opinion by claiming they hate women, are racist, jealous, anti-gay ...when none of those are likely true. They're not true about me. 


When it silences those with opposing views there is no discussion just postings of those who think alike. 


@occasionalrain   When a poster starts out with calling his generosity as "disgusting" the door is opened.  "Disgusting" is such a hard word that denigrates not only this act of generosity but denigrates the graduates and their families who will be accepting his gift.


The implication is that the students and/or their families are getting something they don't deserve-and that is clearly an opinion with an underlying intent.


You cannot tout your own generosity and then slam down the generosity of another.


This did not affect anybody here; no tax money, no attachment of another person's income, no taking bread off another person's table.


If a person can call this disgusting, then certainly those who take an opposite pov can submit why they not only find this act generous but can question why one would come down so harshly on these young men.


Simply saying one has a debt and should pay that debt themselves is lame.


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Re: Best College Graduation Present Ever

His money: his gift: his choice.


I have seen people do a whole lot worse to other people; then well, removing a milllstone from around their necks.


I hope all the beneficieries will truly grasp and appreciate the magnitute of this gift and freedom and choices it is affording them.  My wish for them is that they carry this with them for the remainder of their lives, and that it serves as a positive influence for them going forward. 

Do the math.