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Re: Berkshire Blankets/ Throws

@ECBG Love you too.

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Re: Berkshire Blankets/ Throws

@Littlebiker wrote:
Do you or anyone you know own these blankets/throws?

I have developed an addiction to them. : )

What is your QVC addiction?

@Littlebiker   Yes, I own many of them.  I love them. They are so soft.


I just recently bought H213030.  Sweater Knit Throw and Pillow.  It looks great on my couch.

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Re: Berkshire Blankets/ Throws

@Littlebiker  I have a few of the Berkshire throws.  The velvet soft ones are my favorite and I've gifted them as well.  I'm always tempted to pick up a new version when they are presented but I was good this holiday season and didn't buy.

However, when it comes to Luminara candles, I'm toast, with no sales resistance. Woman Frustrated


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Re: Berkshire Blankets/ Throws

I have Berkshire blankets purchased at Macy's years them. They wash well and look like new.


i have no QVC addictions.  I very seldom watch..just channel surf once in a while.  I used to take off of work to watch the silver and gold days years ago.


I only place an order with QVC  once in a while...and since they charged me tax on shoes...We do not have sales tax in PA on shoes, I am fed up with them.  I'll take my business elsewhere.


I just purchased eighteen 3/4 sleeve 100% cotton t shirts and 1 pair of jeans from another retailer with free shipping and a heck of a sale price and everything fit.  I didn't have to return a single item and there were no odors or anything worn and returned it the whole bunch.

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Re: Berkshire Blankets/ Throws

  I gave my son’s girlfriend a pink Berkshire throw as part of her Christmas present.She absolutely loves it!! I just ordered one for myself.

  I have an obsession for clothes.I never seem to have enough! DH says that I should try going shopping in my closet.Lol 😂😂!!


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Re: Berkshire Blankets/ Throws



@NicksmomESQ....Do you happen to be referring to H216669?....I love pink and this throw looks beautiful!...I'm ready to order!



@Carmie...I bought a couple of Berkshire throws from Macy's a couple of years ago and love them...great quality and they appear more substantial than from QVC?



I have a weakness for throws and have various ones for the changing seasons....a few are from Country Curtains which, unfortunately, closed their stores not long ago....Throws add such a lovely, warm accent to every room!





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Re: Berkshire Blankets/ Throws

I love linens ,sheets ,blankets, comforters.

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Re: Berkshire Blankets/ Throws

Welcome @Littlebiker. Like yourself, I love the Berkshire throws. I am recovering from bronchitis and wrapped myself up in the Snoopy throw to watch tv this morning. My little grandson loves them too and I have gifted them to many people.Heart

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Re: Berkshire Blankets/ Throws

I bought my first Berkshire blanket this Christmas me from me. It is a F/Q in a lovely seaglass color. Got it at TJX for only $19.99. That store is MY addiction! Hardly ever walk out of there empty handed. LOL