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Re: Been here 50 years I want to move


If it were me, I would first "try out" the move back (with your husband's agreement) and rent an apartment for a month by yourself.  See how you feel about the town now.  (Unless your husband agrees very quickly, the house on sale now may be lost anyway.)  You may like your present small town more than you realize.  You might miss it.


If he agrees to try out the larger town with you, rent your house in the tiny town for a year, and make a trial of being together in the new place.  At that point, whatever you both decide, the options will be clear in your mind.  Moving is a big deal--even moving back. 


I thought I wanted it for years (moving back to New England from FL), but now I am rethinking that in the light of the sheer cost of a move.


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Re: Been here 50 years I want to move

@Burnsite  We are going to spend a few days a month in hometown and see what  happens. I know it won't be the same as growing up.  Time will tell.