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I really like her wedding dress and the story behind it as well as the crown.


The pictures depict happiness and I enjoyed them.

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@KingstonsMom wrote:

The Queen allowed her 31-year-old granddaughter, Princess Beatrice, to wear the same tiara she wore at her own wedding in 1947.


The Queen Mary diamond fringe tiara, fashioned in 1919 from a necklace given to the current Queen’s grandmother by Queen Victoria, is a treasured heirloom.


It was lent to the Queen, then Princess Elizabeth, as her ‘something borrowed’. But two hours before the ceremony, a hairdresser securing Elizabeth’s veil with the tiara snapped part of it.


The tiara was rushed to maker Garrard’s London workshop where it was hurriedly welded back together and returned just in time.



That is so interesting about the tiara being broken before Elizabeth wore it for her wedding.  As I was looking at photos yesterday of Elizabeth's wedding, you could see that in the front of the tiara it is not 'quite right'.  There is a larger gap between two of the tines than the rest of the tiara.  I remember wondering how in the world could it not be exactly perfect when the future queen was wearing it.  Now I understand that it had a very quick fix right before the ceremony.  How interesting.  


Beatrice and everyone look joyously happy at her wedding.  What a beautiful floral arch on the church door.  






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So sweetSmiley Happy They look so happy.

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This wedding is turning out to be my favorite. The joy of marriage is the central focus. The touches of family items bringing new and old memories together. Just lovely. Well done Beatrice.

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Two new photos released





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How wonderful that Prince Phillip was well enough to attend. He looks so happy and healthier than I've seen him in a very long time. Great memories for the Royal family of a small wedding with meaning, rather than pomp. Much happiness to the couple in their future.

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Re: Beatrice's Wedding

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@KingstonsMom @Greeneyedlady21 Thank you for sharing the lovely pictures.

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His loving gaze and smile are priceless. 


Beautiful detail on her dress

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She looked beautiful in that gorgeous wedding gown.  The flowers were spectacular.  

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@Witchy Woman wrote:



His loving gaze and smile are priceless. 


Beautiful detail on her dress

@Witchy Woman 


Her husband falls into the 'Hunk' category on my hotness meter, LOL!

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