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can't Re: Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale

I just can't stand any of their stuff. It is all too sweet and nauseating for me.

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Re: can't Re: Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale

Geewhiz, @SapphireGal, that's too bad.    More for me!!!!     I went to our BBW last night and they were extremely crowded.  There were "please stay 6ft apart" signs all over the place, but that's difficult when there are 20 shoppers trying to get to one table of wallflowers!  The poor clerks were trying to unpack boxes as shelves were emptied, and they couldn't keep up.  It was a madhouse!   But it was fun getting out in a crowd, if ya know what I mean.  I didn't buy as much as I planned because they were already out of so many items.  One of the clerks told me that new shipments will be arriving almost every day for the next 2 weeks.  So I might go back.


I usually buy enough at these sales to keep me stocked in lotions and shower gels until the next semi-annual sale.

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Re: Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale

@ID2 wrote:

All of our mask wearing mandates were lifted weeks ago here. I tried to shop in one of their stores recently and was refused entry at the door because I didn't have a mask on. Too bad for them. I usually drop a bundle in their store.


I was in BBW yesterday and was told that masks were not required.  There was a mix of ladies with and without masks shopping.  Maybe this varies according to location?  Or it's changed since you last visited.  In any case, no masks required at this time.