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i always keep both in our bathrooms/showers......liquid wash and bar soaps (usually beekman or dove).....including at the sinks.


i tend to just use whatever i am in the mood for when i step into the shower or when i am at the sink. it is nice to have options. at the sink i also keep hand towels AND the kleenex disposable hand towels.

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" Aren't you glad you use Dial? Don't you wish everyone did?"  ( from the commercial)


We always used Dial soap when I was a kid.  I never used it after I got married.

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@Nightowlz wrote:

DH likes safeguard. For some reason it's not available? Wonder if they quit making it? They made the bar smaller a while back and made it even smaller yet again. They probably could not sell it if they made it any smaller. He does not want any soap that makes the shower floor slick. He was using Lever until they changed theirs. 





it looks like they have it on amazon and target.

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I grew up using the orange Dial soap - I don't know if there are other scents. Teenager, bought Ivory, Dove and other bar soaps. When liquid came out - yowsa game changer.


As an adult - I began buying BBB or Body Shop etc but still liquid - then Philosophy


Now, Beekman bar soaps - it helps my extrememly dry sensitive skin

I was so reluctant to go back to bars - but I have


- liquid hand soap

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I'm a fan of bar soap too. Less plastic to throw away and more room in the shower. 

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My husband and I are using Dial in bar and liquid forms now.   I am giving my Philosphy body washes away to anyone who will take them. 


For years I alternated between 3 Philosophy body washes in my shower; loved the gentle fragrance and the so clean feel.   Last fall I began to notice an off, sweat-type smell about me, and it was driving me crazy.   My body was shower fresh clean, my clothes were out of the drawer clean, but my skin had a smell within an hour or so after I showered.   


The very day I figured out the smell was Philosophy related, and tossed the bottles in my shower, I had a text from my trucker daughter who was on a run out west.   She had just tossed a bottle of her favorite Philosophy fragrance in the trash at a truck stop because she had been noticing a weird sweaty smell to her skin.   She went back to bar soap as well.  


My daughter and I did not have any of the same scents, and neither of us have experienced this issue since we stopped using Philosophy.   

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I finally broke down five or ten years ago and got liquid soap dispensers for the kitchen and guest bath.  But for my personal use, it's always been bar soap.


One reason I like it is because it doesn't come in a plastic container.  Bar soap is packaged simply - preferably paper but, yes, sometimes cellophane.

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I also have a supply of the Beekman bars and like it a lot.  My favorite is probably the L'Occitane Verbena.  I have some of those, too - somewhere.  I hope I find them at some point.  Smiley Very Happy


I remember, decades ago, when Ivory soap was all the rage.  99.9% pure, etc, and all that.  I used it for quite a while and had no complaints.  But I wondered at some point why my skin was so dry.  Turned out it was the Ivory soap.  Smiley Sad  

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@dulwich I used body wash for a few years. Previously we used Dial but it began drying my skin. After stopping the body wash, and my DH had died, I switched to Dove bar soap and have been happily sudsing up with it for about 9 years.


Love it! Body wash realy was a waste!

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Thanks for all your replies, very interesting,


 I am going to continue with my bar soap as I really like it.  DH he had the last package in store but we have enough I think it was a pack of 6 - not sure DH unpacked and distributed them but we have sufficient.