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Re: Bad Karma. 2020 has been a terrible year!

I miss my family. Woman Sad

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Re: Bad Karma. 2020 has been a terrible year!

This has certainly been an annis horribilis. The virus has affected all of us. I thank God that no one in my family has caught it (yet) but we all take precautions very seriously. Nevertheless, in addition to what Covid has done, this year I lost my niece to drugs, my husband's Alzheimer's has worsened, and one of my children was surrounded by fires in her first year as a Californian. Fortunately, the fire never entered their neighborhood but it was close. My brother retired but the young dentist who bought the practice died of a sudden heart attack. I don't know what's going to happen there.


This morning, I almost ordered a pair of 2020 socks. The year was printed on the soles of the socks with the second 2 in 2020 heightened to resemble a middle finger. It reflected my feelings about the year, which likely hasn't finished doling out woes to us yet. However, on second thought, I realized I didn't need any more reminders of 2020.

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Re: Bad Karma. 2020 has been a terrible year!

@Greeneyedlady21 wrote:

I have sympathy and empathy for everyone posting here about their troubles. I have had more than my fair share of my own for six years now. Things were headed in baby step better directions for me, then covid hit and changed everything.


Then last month I lost my Dad. Thankfully not to covid. I'm grieving on top of many other difficulties. And it intensified the loss of my Mom for me. She was my person, and I was hers.


I do believe in karma-that things and people cause bad karma. I also believe in not constantly boasting about how perfect and idyllic your life is. Everything can change in an instant, and there but for the grace of God goes anyone. I think it's particularly distasteful when other people are talking about their own pain and troubles. But that's where sensitivity and empathy are required.



@Greeneyedlady21   Sometimes bravado covers up pain, uncertainty, and fear.  I would not go so far as to say people are boasting.


Not everyone expresses themselves in a manner that is acceptable to everyone else.


We don't know what everyone has gone through, is going through, or how much their future is not looking so bright.


When a person posts that her life is going on just fine, it doesn't mean that they lack empathy and care for others.  Sometimes a person needs to stay positive while dealing with their own unposted troubling circumstances.


Those who know me offline know what goes on in my life; that doesn't mean I cannot post gratitude for some of the good things I might take for granted despite losses I've endured or uncertainty about the health of  loved ones, especially two dear to my heart.


When we expect people to respond in a way we see fit, we've lost the ability to recognize that everyone can have something good in life AND something not so good at the same time.


We are also, without so many words, saying that some people have it worse and therefore other situations do not live up to some type of intensity or merit.


We can have empathy for others outside of our own sphere and we can still be grateful and happy for anything positive that happens for us, too.


We don't know everyone's story; we do not know about underlying sorrow or fear or concern for others.


It just isn't that simple.



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Re: Bad Karma. 2020 has been a terrible year!

A little off topic:

I was standing in line to enter Yankee Stadium.

A very kind lady got my attention and told me my purse was unzipped.

I thanked her so much. 


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Re: Bad Karma. 2020 has been a terrible year!

God doesn’t give us more than we can handle, with His help. I think that’s the part I forget about sometimes. The hardest part right now for me is just not knowing how long things will stay this way, the masks, the closures, etc. I don’t know anyone who isn’t looking forward to saying good riddance to 2020....we all need a fresh start with a new year in 2021.
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Re: Bad Karma. 2020 has been a terrible year!

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Re: Bad Karma. 2020 has been a terrible year!

@Lindsays Grandma wrote:

@winamac1 ...Oh Winamac, I am sorry this happened to you.  No one has to be told how devastating that is, we can all feel it just talking about it.  It sure would be great if the thief was to found but that,  unfortunately, seldom happens.   It's amazing how that kind of person can scan a room and find a target which I believe happened to you.  We all know how careful we need to be with our handbags when out shopping, one careless move and it's the thief's dream come true.


Take care and from now on, and you really don't need to be told this but, hang on to your handbag for dear life.  I'm praying for you.

Thank you so much!  You are very sweet!! I appreciate it!

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