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Do you ever have "what if (I hadn't) gone there at that time, parked in a different spot" etc thoughts?


There's a new restaurant in our local area. I decided to go today, for lunch. Could have been any day, any time, but I went today.


I had a choice of several places to park, but wanted to park in front of the restaurant since I could. Went inside and was having my lunch.


Suddenly, huge commotion outside in the greater parking lot, and people runnning out of the restaurant OMG!-ing.


A woman was having trouble with her car (Lexus SUV) - it was out of control/out of gear and moving out of her control. She was screaming for help. Two guys came running up to help her - and exactly how no one's sure yet, but the car didn't stop and just flat ran one of them over - seriously over. Blood everywhere. Victim not moving. The woman was also injured when the door hit her. She was hysterical at what had happened. Both were transported to the hospital by ambulance. The guy hit appeared severely injured.


The out of control car swung around and came to rest hard against my car. The left rear bammed into my driver's side door right where the door lock is. My heart sank. The whole left side of my car is all bunged and crumpled with huge white gouges made by the car. If I'd been in the car I likely would have had some neck/musculoskeletal owws.


Since both parties were transported, the only info I have until I get the police report is the make, model and lic plate. The CHP said the woman does have insurance. My deductible is $500, and I'll probably have to fork it out before I get reimbursed :-( At least I have car rental insurance. They have to send someone to my house to evaluate repair cost because their nearest facility is over an hour's drive. Lucky me :-(


Yes, I know I'm very lucky I'm not the victim or the driver, I feel horrible about them. I hop to learn if the driver is okay and pulls through. But it's going to be such a hassle.


Happy Monday to me.




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@Moonchilde  So sorry your lunch was ruined.  I guess it was your day to be touched by the fickle finger of fate.   At least the owner of a Lexus should have good insurance.  Have you heard anything about the injured man, like on the news?  Let us know.  I'd never go chasing after an out of control vehicle; wonder what went wrong? 

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I'm so sorry.  It's a pain, because you're not at fault, but still you'll have to go to the trouble of getting estimates, etc.  A similar incident happened to my parents.


Of course, it's sad people were injured.  What a horrible incident.

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That sounds horrible - those poor people. 


I know it's a hassle to deal with your car, but I would thank my lucky stars I wasn't in it. 

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What a terrible and upsetting experience. I am glad that you were not injured and I hope those who were are ok.

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So very sorry for all that, Moonchilde.  Am glad you are physically all right.  Yes, do keep us informed about the poor victims.  What a kind guy to run and help, and then get seriously injured himself.  Heroic.

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@Moonchilde  You should have no out of pocket expense.  Your insurance company will work with hers and they'll handle it quickly and efficiently.  They'll probably send a wrecker for your car.  If the frame is bent, they may total it. 

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We travel back and forth from WA to AZ and have driven past many horrific car accidents.  The thought always goes through my mind, what if we'd been in this area 10 or so minutes earlier.


I sure hope the victim and the woman are okay.  That man may be wondering why he dived in to help:/



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What a case of being in the wrong place and having bad luck as a result.


I hope the victim will recover fully.  I wouldn't think this would cost you anything, dollar wise.  

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I often think about what if and so on.  I just told my friend today that when I don't listen to my inner voice I regret it.  So (even though she wasn't happy) we took my medicine to get filled.


Along those lines do any of you ever relive something you've been able to avoid, just barely?


For instance, the other day I was first in line waiting for a turn light to change and a kid on a bicycle kept coming across the street (against the light).  I usually hesitate a second when the light turns before I go.  Good thing I did because the kid came right in front of me (within inches of my fender).  The car next to me hesitated too and he was shaking.


I started and slammed on my brake and I thought I'd touched his leg with my car but he just kept going and never looked back.  I keep thinking how terrible it would have been had I not slammed on my brakes and hesitated.  I watched him going down the road and he never waited for the lights to turn, just kept going.  It was as if he had a death wish.  He was only around 14 or 15 years old!


When something like that happens I relive it and think 'right about now I'd be talking to the police and the kid would be in the hospital....hopefully alive but messed up'.


With you, @Moonchilde you'll probably be doing something and then suddenly it will all come back to you.  I think maybe it's our brains trying to make sense of what happened.


I'm just glad you are OK and hopefully everyone else is going to recover.


Please let us know.