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I was a junior in high school, and my math exam got cancelled because of a big snow storm.

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Re: Back in 1977

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I turned 14, an only child, my parents in their 40s.

My dad would die that year and my mom would develop breast cancer.

She lived another 18 years, thankfully.


But I still love the 1970s.

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Loved the 70's. Fun times.

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@masque - A memorable year for me.  I became a Mom for the first time to a beautiful baby girl!

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Star Wars II, Saturday Night Fever and Close Encounters of the Third Kind all in one year!  IMO, we had better movies then.  I enjoyed the big theaters with the big extra wide screens where I watched these movies.  I was in high school then.

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i was 20, we (ex) got married in April.  a guy at work, my first real job,  said he went to see Star Wars and it was amazing.  We went to see it one June night and loved it!   We had a cuite little house, 2 bedrooms upstairs.   He would set the alarm for 4 AM Sunday mornings to go fishing.  Remember  Lola, she was a Showgirl... that song was on the radio. My Mom dragging us to see Rocky and Saturday Night Fever.  We mostly ate dinner out, but sometimes we would grocery shop. $20 could buy a healthy grocery order.

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Re: Back in 1977

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I noticed Carter's name on the paper. My first presidential vote and dad was furious with me. We didn't speak for a while. I was the youngest child, he was a widower and it wasn't easy for him to let me launch. But 1977 was a year I reinforced to dad that although I was barely in my twenties, I was still a young adult. I loved the music and fashions of the 70s.


I noticed the average salary in 1977. Before 1980s, fiance / now hubs, received a full-time job offer with benefits for $15K. We had the same education but my FT with bennies job offer was $8K.  

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I was active duty AirForce at a radar site in Montauk. It was a pivotal point in my life.

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@SouthernBee - thanks.  Sending sympathy and understanding right back to you.Heart