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Re: Baby left in shopping cart: crime or not?

I bet she never forgets her phone.

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Re: Baby left in shopping cart: crime or not?

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Re: Baby left in shopping cart: crime or not?


I hope this mother was tested for "drugs" .... so sad.    I believe everyone has a guardian angel assigned to us, and this baby's was certainly "on duty" !

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Re: Baby left in shopping cart: crime or not?

@CrazyDaisy wrote:

No one has ever said that an investigation and/or follow-up was not necessary, everyone wants to ensure the children are safe.  However the crucifixion this woman has taken on this board is absurd.  She has been accused of everything from purposely leaving her child behind to extreem mental health issues.  No one here actually knows this women or what was happening at the time, so how can any of you make these assumptions about this person.  Why do so many take such pleasure in tearing down others instead of offering support. Maybe that is what is wrong with society, always looking for faults in others rather than the good.



From what I have read almost every woman here has said that she needs help and that is the truth! I feel as a human being it is ok to be mad about something and then also at the same time feel compassion. But I also feel that we should never ever just say oh well, and turn our backs and forget what we just saw. I DO feel compassion for this woman I DO understand as most of the women here do as most of us have had kids. BUT I also feel that this was a major lapse in this woman's thinking to have forgotten that she had her child with her for the whole time it took her to drive to her house and then it took her 3 year old to REMIND her that the baby was not in the car!!! I am glad that we are voicing our concern and I am glad that we are mad because we should be. BUT  I  also feel that every single woman also feels compassion for her. The definition of a good friend is a person who will tell you  the truth of the matter. A good friend will also offer the help you need. Never should we just say Oh she neglected her child that's ok. BECAUSE it isn't!  My heart goes out to her because this is a major wakeup call for her. We all get those from time to time. This was a little warning to her that something in her life needs to change. 

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