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@HerRoyaLioness  WOW! So America's Test Kitchen is off the mark. Not surprised. And you are so right to go to Amazon and check out the reviews. I do that with almost everything I buy. I hope you can find a vintage beauty that does the job. There's nothing like a good piece of toast!

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Never had one and wouldn't use it.  I eat so little bread it would just gather dust.   I had a crock pot years ago, and am considering buying one ....  I think.

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Do you have to make a starter for bread machine sourdough?


@Icegoddess - sorry  didn't see this before. I have "cheated" and bought a sourdough bread mix in a box! I also just got some sourdough mix from another place and will need to try that. Their instructions were a little wonky for how to make it in a machine. The recipe in the new cookbook for Wolfgang's machine has one, but it uses a starter, which I am hoping to avoid. But, I love sourdough bread with soup, and it warmed up again, so it is not quite soup weather today.


Thanks for all of the tips from everyone who shared how to keep it fresh longer. That is one of the main reasons I don't make it often.