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BPA can rub off from receipts and money

BPA, the chemical found in many plastics, can also be transferred to the skin from cash register receipts and from dollar bills! BPA is used as a developer in thermal paper. It's found in the receipts used by probably 95% of stores!

Researchers collected 22 receipts, made with thermal paper, from 22 retailers in 10 states and Washington, D.C. The sites included grocery stores, home improvement, discount and retail stores. Researchers also collected dollar bills from 18 states and D.C., testing 22 in all. BPA was found in very large quantities in 11 of the 22 receipts, in amounts up to 2.2% of the total weight. BPA was found in 21 of the 22 bills tested.

Because the BPA used in thermal paper is not chemically bound, it is a concern. It can easily transfer to our skin. Researchers conducted tests, and BPA was transferred from receipts to fingers. Scrunching the receipt transferred about 15 times more of it!

Bills have been introduced in the House and the Senate to update the "Toxic Substances Control Act". BPA is on that list. Keep receipts away from young children and wash your hands after handling them.