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My parents set aside a major (our city) newspaper the day I was born. When I was old enough to handle and store it with due respect I was given it as a birthday gift.


The war news, comics, articles and advise column, ads, fashion pictures, want ads, etc are all fascinating!

I look thru it every birthday, and I'm SO glad they thought to save "my birth DAY" for me.


I encourage you to consider setting aside a copy of baby's hometown newspaper as a future gift for newborns in your family. Everyone is interested in what was going on the day they were born.


(Who knows, daily news printed on paper may not even exist 20 years from now. If so, your gift will be even more special.)

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@x Hedge - I forgot....I did this for my son....he has a Chicago tribune to look at!  I stored it an archival box.  His god mom also gave him a Washington post!

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What a wonderful idea and thing to do by your parents and all parents or grandparents.  I wish I had thought of that for my son.

It's a good thing you can google it😊

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Thats a really nice idea

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I ordered (from a congressman) a flag that was flown over the US Capitol on the day my son was born.  The newspaper is a great idea too.

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I just gave my 12-year old granddaughter the local newspaper dated November 6, 2004, the day she was born, for her birthday!  She couldn't believe I kept it so long......she told me it was ancient news!

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We did this when our daughter was born 30 years ago.  Saved several newspapers from her birthday.  All of them are filled with the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster.  


But it's fun to see the various advertisements, prices of things, etc.  

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Hi Hedge,  Your parents were very thoughtful and I think it was a wonderful idea.  Hopefully, some young people see this thread and follow the example.

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