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Auto Cat Feeders - any recommendations for reliable ones?

Hi everyone - We are planning to do a mini-getaway next month and I'm in the market for auto-feeders for our two cats. I'm looking for some personal experience with them. My first question is: Would you recommend two of them placed in different areas of the house, or just one (we have two kitties and one of them loves to eat more than the other). Or, I was trying to find a good double-dispenser, but those are more limited and expensive. If they work and are reliable, that's one thing, but I know nothing about them. I've read some reviews saying to buy ones that you can plug in and have a battery back-up, others say their battery-operated ones are not a problem. I even thought about getting the feeder balls that let food out slowly so they don't gorge on it. We will have a house sitter stop in every other day, once each of those days, that way they will get their wet food too. Anyone had to deal with this and what do you recommend, personally?

Thanks much!