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Sometimes life gives us wonderful,unexpected miracles.  You must be over the moon!

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So very happy for you! Our grandson is nearly 17 and still doesn't speak at all.

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Oh my, such good news.  Has Mary talked more since?

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This is the happiest news! I am elated for you and your family!

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I teared up when I read this.

I also have a nephew who is autistic...though high functioning..he is now 18 and struggles daily with life .

I am a huge advocate for raising money for research.  Not enough of light shines on this condition.  Washington needs to make this a priority.  My autism walks and fund raising does not put a dent in anything.  PLEASE WASHINGTON.....MADE THIS TOP OF YOUR LIST.



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Wonderful news! I'd love to hear more about your granddaughter!

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This is wonderful news!


Sometimes things aren't on our schedule, but what is supposed to be. 


How amazing that she is in an educational place that kept fostering her to reach this goal, then were as excited as family to share it. 


Many more miracles to bless this child!

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Yes! Mary has been speaking every day! Her teachers are planing a program for her ! It's all new!

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The teaching staff is wonderful!!! They are so looking forward to her next state evaluation! She was labeled as a two year old mentality and not really teachable. Her teacher said thru her tears,,it was the best day of her life!

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@QDO I am so happy for you and your family!! Prayers that she continues to do great!!!