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Re: Attn: Free toilets in California!

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So who is paying for all those new toilets being installed in your state? You - the taxpayer! Nothing is free!

It isn’t a state program. Her local water company is paying for it. 

NOTHING is free.  The program is being funded somewhere by taxpayers.  The water company is running it.  The water company is very happy to sell you lots of water they have no skin in the game for less water usage.

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Re: Attn: Free toilets in California!

The free toilet promotion is very good, particularly if installation is included.  California of course has a special interest in water conservation.


It's similar to the local electric utility, PECO, giving rebates for buying Energy Star appliances. Plus they pay $75 for recycling an old, working fridge or freezer - and they'll cart it away for free.


I think these companies, as public utilities, may be required by the state to promote conservation, be it water or energy.  In that case, such promotions are effectively paid for by shareholders or rate-payers.  Or maybe they get a state tax credit.