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Left you a message at END of thread.

THANKS so much!


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@RinaRina What kind of windows have you purchased? Interested to know who you purchased from and if the installer is on their payroll or how you found the installer. Have they been installed?  Were all of your questions answered by the salesmen before you made your choice?  Have you selected wood inside with clad on the outside or what type of configuration suited you best? Are you pleased with the result?

I don't think you mentioned where you live. I'm in Nebraska and need a good window for our bitterly cold winters (-31 degrees this winter) and 100+ summer days). Good windows, insulation & siding, and insulation in the attic have made a huge difference in the comfort and HVAC expenses of my large home. 

Hope you find the same comfort, too! Thanks for responding.  

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I signed the contract last week and the guy came to measure yesterday.

The contract states "triple" for the windows and "double" pane for the glass in the door.


The install cannot be done until MAY because all of my plants have to be moved outside.  Since you live in Nebraska, you understand.  LOL!

I've got soooo much stuff that has be moved away from the windows ... ugh ...

But I'm happy and looking forward to the install ... and (hopefully) the peace and quiet of my home.

I always appreciate hearing about others' experiences and opinions.  It's very helpful when you're the sole decision-maker.

Thanks for your input.





"The less you respond to negative people, the more peaceful your life will become."
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I was thinking of you yesterday.  Remember I told you I have around 80 some Birkenstock sandals?


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Do you remember when QVC was selling them?


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