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I have a dear friend who just underwent a very serious surgery two days ago...she seems to be doing better now and is out of ICU. Still no visitors allowed. Her husband of 50 years was told today he could spend the night in her room or go home for the night...but would not be allowed back inside the hospital if he does. He has no razor or a change of clothes with him. Not sure what he decided to do. Was hoping his son would take him clothes and an overnight bag, but he happens to be in Belgium for work. Not sure how his travel plans play out in the midst of all this coronavirus chaos.
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@lovesrecess That is heartbreaking.  Being separated from your loved one during the time they need you most, what a decision.  I know my family is not happy being barred from my relative who is in end stage Parkinson's.  When you know time is limited and no one cares like you do, it's enough to make you cry.