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Arthur Ave "Little Italy" Bronx--Any regulars?? Need suggestions--

DH & I are going on our 2nd annual Christmas run Monday--we had such a blast last year we are doing it every year, to get all my fixings for my Christmas dinner! Just talking to people on the streets I found out where to buy fresh pasta..I was pretty happy with my other findings--fresh mozzarella and a bread shop. Also an ancient-looking market where I got chicken cutlets that my sons STILL talk about (because the butcher guy pounded them so thin--took him 20 minutes! They made the BEST chicken cutlet parmigiana)--but I feel like I'm probably missing the "best of the best"--How about bakeries??? I tried an Italian cheesecake--(didn't like that--too dry) I did have a killer apple pie--but I would like to try other great things!!!! I'm sure I am missing out on stuff I don't even know about!

PLEASE--if you go there alot and have names of places, can you tell me where you go and what you recommend?? Also--maybe a good restaurant or two?? Thanks!!!!