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Re: Are you stockpiling for a 2nd wave of COVID?

The tress they only use are Gum, Maple and Oak.  That is whay they are in short supply

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Re: Are you stockpiling for a 2nd wave of COVID?

My thoughts are that if we “knew” the true numbers instead of “assuming”, the actual % of hoarders and actual % of stockpilers are going to be equal to the % of people who, before this pandemic, did not have more than a weeks worth of food in their homes.  


Once the word pandemic was used, and scenarios were presented, the people with the least amount of food made grocery runs and filled carts with whatever foods they found/like.   It wasn’t planned shopping, it was total panic buying.   To me, that strained our store inventories more than hoarders or stockpilers. 


I fully understand we all have different shopping habits, different income levels, and different ways, period.   I shop the way I do because I HATE shopping.   I am ecstatic if I can go to the store, spend $400 and not see the inside of that store for at least 8 weeks!   My shopping is always planned, with a detailed list.   I’ve shopped this way for 10 years, and never once felt I’ve ever deprived another shopper from having what they need.


I have always lived rural, and my goal will continue to be focused on having what my family needs with as few trips to the store as possible.

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Re: Are you stockpiling for a 2nd wave of COVID?

I was fairly well prepared when this hit, as that is just the way we live, up to a year's supply of our needs kept on hand. 


What I did find was I had a couple of holes in my plans, and I've filled the gaps that I found. I also had what would have been a normal one year supply of a couple of things. like sanitizing wipes, but because of the heavy use, they will not last that long, so I am beefing up those types of things as I am able to find them, which isn't often, and figuring out plan B and C for those kinds of things.


This was too serious, and the supply interruptions too extensive to not consider a second wave or just even an ongoing issue with supply availability, and try to prepare for it.



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Re: Are you stockpiling for a 2nd wave of COVID?

@Carmie wrote:

@SharkE   I am the person who has a few pantries and freezers full of food.  I am not a hoarder.


My pantry consists of items that I home canned last summer like pickles, peaches, tomato sauce, apple sauce, jellies and  jams along with store bought items.


My freezers are also full of cherries from my tree, blue berries, strawberries, peppers, pumpkin purée , nuts and other items from last summer and fall's crops.


In addition, I have different types of soups, lasagna, cookies, cakes, breads and other home made dinners.  I make extra when I cook and freeze it.  We don't go out to eat very much. I can't remember the last time, maybe last summer.


Yes, I buy meat in bulk...I buy a lot of things in bulk.  This is not new.  I have been doing this for over 40 years.


I also buy groceries for two elderly who is now in a nursing home and may stay there...and I have been doing this for years. When they run out of something, I often shop in my pantry or freezer if I don't have time to go to the store  and take food to them.  Without me, they would not have any food.  I pay for their food out of my pocket.


I have been buying groceries for three different homes for at least 7-8 years now.  I buy in bulk to save money. When something is on sale, I stock up.   I recently gave my neighbor 10 lbs of Gold Medal Flour because they didn't have any.  I am not greedy.


I am glad I have a stockpile of goods.  I don't plan on changing my ways.  I am not rich and I didn't buy any beans, flour, rice or pasta during this pandemic.  I didn't have to. 

Didn't need any TP,  paper towels, hand sanitizer or Lysol or Clorox either.  I still have plenty.  I do and have shared with others.


You are free to do the same thing.  





I could have pretty much written this same post. 


I've lived my whole life prepared, and I didn't 'need' a thing when this started. And up until about a week or two ago, we were mostly going to the store every two to three weeks, and buying mostly fresh produce and fresh dairy, all of which have been heavily stocked and plentiful here. 


In the last couple of weeks, I've been replacing the stuff we have used up or given away, and filling in the weak spots I found in my supplies. I won't apologize or feel guilty for having been prepared for this event, buying in bulk and storing back when there was no crisis, and I won't apologize for going out now and buying things in short supply when I adhere to the limit 1 rule most stores have put into place. It keeps me stocked so I can continue to help others, provide for our own needs, and not be one of those in line at a pantry or shorting the supply of essentials in the next wave. 


I find a lot of this shaming of those who were prepared and stay prepared to be coming from a place of insecurity or lashing out by people who don't or won't do what it takes to have what they feel they need on hand. It seems easier to blame and shame those that are taking care of not only their own needs, but those of others, than to focus on their own needs, and stop worrying about what others are doing. 

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Re: Are you stockpiling for a 2nd wave of COVID?

The Mormons, for example, recommend their members have a year's worth of food stockpiled, er, available, in their homes.


Some posters just get upset at any mention of food purchases during the pandemic.


As with masks, social distancing, how to deal with the new reality.


They get upset with the new reality, period.


Commenting and finding fault with the way others deal with these critical issues is a way of staying in control, I think.  If you notice, they never have any suggestions beyond "just shop the way you always did."

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Re: Are you stockpiling for a 2nd wave of COVID?

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Society can't have it both ways.  


We're supposed to stay home and away from public places where we could spread  or catch the virus....


But we're  also (according to some people) not supposed to  shop and buy enough food to last for a decent period of time for whatever our household size happens to be.


If buying a lot of groceries at one time keeps  people out of stores so frequently, it seems to annoy the more confused and moralistic folks  among us.


They call it "hoarding and selfishness" while others call it simple survival and getting along from day to day, and maybe helping others  do the same.

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Re: Are you stockpiling for a 2nd wave of COVID?

@Cakers3 wrote:




People are the economy.


If our economy collapses, then all of us will be doing without a lot more than just toilet paper.


With so many struggling we need a move to shoring up our manufacturing for a start.


Unemployment is a serious issue; we need structured solutions to save our economy and structured solutions regarding COVID-19 itself.


The two are not mutually exclusive and one cannot be addressed without addressing the other.


Perhaps I should have clarified..... economy over deaths.

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Re: Are you stockpiling for a 2nd wave of COVID?

@Lipstickdiva wrote:

No.  I am not contributing to the problem.


I'm also not listening to those claiming a second wave.  Will it happen?  Maybe it will.  Will it be worse if it does happen?  Maybe it will.


They don't know and we don't know.  No one knows.  All I do know is our first wave data in Ohio wasn't nearly as bad as they said it was going to be so people are losing faith in these numbers presented.    


oh I believe it will happen. And I give a lot of credit to your governor for it not being nearly as bad as it could have been.  I'm from Michigan and give my governor a lot of the same credit.  I wish other states would follow the CDC guidelines, but they aren't. Therefore you can count on a second wave coming. 

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Re: Are you stockpiling for a 2nd wave of COVID?

I thinbk we all should stay stocked up somewhat. But this panic they are putting on us is causing me health issues and the toilet paper is something I will make sure that we get it while available. It is if they want us all to believe we will all perish eventually.I am trying to stay possitive and I feel very little is known by our so called experts.And they can't predict anything. 

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Re: Are you stockpiling for a 2nd wave of COVID?

not really but I always buy stuff on sale.  if there is a 2nd wave it seems like it is going to be in the winter and I don't like to let stuff I buy run down when the weather gets bad.   I listened to one person talk at the end of last week and she said in real life optimum time it would take about 3 years to get a vaccine.