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Re: Are you “into” the holidays?

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I HATE Summer so please dont move the holidays I love there Smiley Wink I LOVE  fall/winter. I view Thanksgiving as a one day celebration and so many view it as a kickoff to the Christmas season so these two holidays will always be intertwined...


I ESPECIALLY LOVE LOVE LOVE the Christmas season---the decorations, the movies, the Christmas music, the festivals and events, and the faith side of it too....At our age its not about the gifts at all.. (I put my Christmas decorations up the 1st or 2nd weekend in November--- too much work involved for just a couple of weeks I want to enjoy it for awhile--personal preference) 🎄 🎅 🦌 🌟 🎁 🔔


I dont look at CIJ as a negative, it helps many people  budget their purchases and makes Christmas more affordable.....


I dont let the commercialism spoil it for me....

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Re: Are you “into” the holidays?

I was completly into it when my kids were here. Now that they have grown up and moved, it is not the same for me. I do plan to decorate more this year, usually once I get started I get a little more into it. 

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Re: Are you “into” the holidays?

Well said, @LadyAlice.  For so many of us, there are difficult seasons, discouraging seasons, that persist right through the holidays.  I'm glad there's that kernel of hope and focus on fundamentals, that sees us even through that...

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Re: Are you “into” the holidays?

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@SeaMaidenThank you for Post #43  It made me smile in an instant greatful sort way.

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Re: Are you “into” the holidays?

Nope, had enough over the years....

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Re: Are you “into” the holidays?

i have not any holiday celebration stuff for many years. 


To get thru the holidays while my husband was deployed for many years I just shut down and had to keep thinking it was just another day of the week and not a holiday. to this day all these many years later it is just another day for me. 


i don't put up trees, i send out a few cards to some very dear close friends that is about all the celebrating i do.



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Re: Are you “into” the holidays?

I'm into it. Decorating is fun. Enjoy Christmas music during the whole season. Advent is important, culminating on Christmas Eve. Always attend church services. What I'm not into are the crowded malls, hectic pace and listening to friends who overspend and then complain about it. DH and I are on the same page regarding how much spending and partying we will do so everything feels just right to us. The let down comes after the New Year when it all gets packed away and the harsh winter lasts for three more months.

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Re: Are you “into” the holidays?



Yes! Mid January to mid March is the absolute longest stretch ever. 

Usually by St. Patrick's Day I can see the light at the end of the tunnel Smiley Happy

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Re: Are you “into” the holidays?

I'm not in to the holidays at all.


To me, it just another day with forced expectations.


We're supposed to have the "Norman Rockwell" Christmas, so we buy in to all the c*ap that goes along with it, the music, lights, movies, thinking that if we don't, that, that somehow makes us a "scrooge".


I don't fall for the commercialism of Christmas.


Don't tell me that I have to. or need to be cheerful, put up lights, listen to carols, watch schmaltzy Hallmark movies, in order to have a "proper" Christmas.


I think if this world did away with all of that unnecessary stuff, and just treated it as any other ordinary day, we would all be much better off.

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Re: Are you “into” the holidays?

We LOVE Christmas! I love watching Hallmark Movies, I love holiday music, lights, cutting down our tree...on and on! 


Don't allow what others are doing to affect you! I love Thanksgiving, too!